Top Tips for Cleaning Upholstery the Right Way

Are you trying to clean your sofa or other upholstery, but can't seem to do a thorough job? Then you should take the time to learn a few simple steps that you can help remove the toughest of stains. As a result you will have upholstery that is looking as good as new. If you're interested in cleaning your upholstery the right way then read on for some tips.

What Type Of Stain Is It?

Before you clean the stains on your upholstery, you must identify them, because different types of stains require different types of treatment. For example, you can steam clean stains such as coffee, wine, dirt, food and pet excrement. However, other types of stains will require chemical-based treatment to come out such as oil based ones.

In the event that you cannot identify a stain, then you should try steam cleaning followed by chemical treatment. A trial and error methodology will eventually get any type of stain off your upholstery.

Vacuum Clean

Before you proceed with any type of treatment you should vacuum clean the upholstery to remove dirt, debris and pet hair. This will prevent it from getting even dirtier once you begin the cleaning. For example, loose bits of dirt can rub against the surface of the upholstery cause small tears that will be costly to repair.

Furniture Tags

All furniture will have documentation and tags when you purchase them that indicate what types of cleaning they can undergo. This will include the chemicals that can be used so that the quality and colour of the upholstery are not compromised.

If you cannot find the furniture tags then look of your upholstery online, or something similar. Nowadays manufacturers of furniture will provide online instruction manuals with guidance on how to clean them.

Renting Equipment Is Cheaper Than Buying

It is more than likely that you will only need to steam clean your upholstery twice a year. Therefore, you should rent the steam cleaner as opposed to buying it as it will be considerably cheaper to do so.

When selecting a steam cleaner try to find one with wheels as it will easier to move it from one room to the next. Another feature that's worthy of note is the attachments that come with steam cleaners. The right attachments can ensure you access to every nook and cranny of your upholstery.

Know that you can employ services such as Busy Bell to take care of the job for you. You can let them know what the situation is and they will come equipped with the proper tools.