4 Ways a Commercial Cleaning Company Can Help Keep Your Carpet Looking Spotless

Do you have a considerable amount of flooring on your commercial real estate that is made of carpet that needs to be maintained? Then you can hire a commercial cleaning company to do just that. By finding out that specific type of maintenance tasks that a commercial cleaning company can perform, you'll have a better idea about if such a service is worth the investment. With that thought in mind, here are some of the ways in which a commercial cleaning company can keep your carpets looking great.

1. Replacement jobs: if you have section of your carpet that is beyond cleaning because they are torn or have holes in them, then they will need to be replaced. Some stains might be of the permanent kind such as when bleach comes into contact with the carpet. Once that happens no amount of steam cleaning can get it out.

A good quality cleaning company can see to it that the necessary sections of carpet are replaced so that they look as good as the surrounding sections.

2. Regular vacuuming: a commercial cleaning company will typically vacuum clean your carpets at the end of every work day. So that the next day when employees come into work they are greeted by clean carpet. It's important to find a carpet cleaning service that can come in at flexible hours. For example, if your employees work to late hours in the evening, then it would be beneficial if the cleaners can come in during the night.

3. Steam cleaning: it is important that any carpet cleaning service that you hire performs steam cleaning several times a year. That's required because it can get particles out of your carpet that vacuum cleaning cannot such as bacteria, parasites and mites. However, steam cleaning is a job that causes a significant amount of disturbance, and furniture will need to be moved about. Therefore, you should have that job completed during the holidays, or weekends when nobody is going to be working.

4. Get rid of Odours: it can be a serious nuisance when a carpet has foul odours that just won't go away. It can cause disruption to the workplace, and even result in the degradation of personal health. A commercial cleaning service can use the right approach for the job that will get rid of any foul odours, and instead leave behind a fresh smell caused by the cleaning agents.