3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

There is no doubt about the importance of having a clean workplace or business environment. This explains why a large number of business entities (both large and small) choose to pay for janitorial or commercial cleaning services.

The good thing about hiring a commercial cleaning service provider is that you're spoilt for choice thanks to the large number of service providers available. However, the large number of service providers can also be a disadvantage in the sense that it makes it difficult for the business owner to choose the best between the various providers. This article discusses three questions you should remember to ask before you hire a cleaning service provider.

Who Is Responsible for Providing Cleaning Supplies?

A large number of business owners falsely assume that the cleaning service provider is responsible for provision of essential cleaning supplies. While this is desirable in a service provider, it is not always the case and you should not assume that it's standard across the board.

It is therefore important to scrutinize the quote given by the cleaning service provider so as to confirm that it includes the cost of cleaning supplies. While you're at it, you should also seek to find out the type of cleaning supplies that the provider uses.

Ideally, your preferred cleaning service provider should not use cleaning supplies made of harsh chemicals such as ammonia and chlorine bleach. This is because the cleaning exercise is bound to leave behind deposits of these chemicals in your workplace, which can reduce employee productivity.

How Many Cleaners Will Have Access to the Work Area?

It goes without saying that the service provider will send a number of their employees to clean you business premises. This means that some employees of the service provider will have access to virtually all areas within your premises. It is important to ensure that only the necessary number of cleaning staff are allowed access to private areas within your business premises.

You should also seek to find out what action will be taken in the event that your property gets lost or damaged during the cleaning exercise.

Are Your Employees Insured?

Last but definitely not least, you should seek to confirm that employees of the cleaning service provider have workman's compensation insurance. If an uninsured or under-insured employee of the provider suffers injury on your premises, you may have to bear the cost of related medical care.

Hiring a commercial cleaning service provider like Teddy Clean is a relatively easy undertaking. Remember the questions discussed above the next time you need commercial cleaning services.