3 Mistakes You Should Never Make With Your Carpet

Your carpet is one of the most key elements of your room, tying together your decor and keeping your family cosy and comfortable year-round. It can even be the centrepiece of a living space, but you'll need to treat it nicely. Considering that carpets are easily prone to damage from dirt, stains, moisture, and more, it's important to clean and maintain them. To ensure that your carpet lives a long and healthy life, make sure you always avoid these three mistakes. 

1. Don't let dirt settle 

Dirt is the number one enemy of your carpet. Not only will dirt make your carpet look unsightly and potentially impact your health over time, but it can also damage the fibres over time. Smells and stains from dirt soon set in and the more you trample them into your carpet, the more difficult it will be to ever remove them. To avoid dirt damage, you should clean your carpet frequently. Simple cleaning routines like vacuuming don't take too much time and effort, but they'll go a long way in keeping dirt from ruining your carpet. 

2. Don't let your carpet stay wet

Next up is moisture: the carpet killer. Whether you've spilled a beverage, your family have walked over the carpet with wet shoes, or anything in between, the consequences of leaving that moisture to set in range from bad smells to stains to mould growth. In particular, the latter is something you need to avoid. Mould can aggravate allergies, cause skin irritation, and permanently destroy the fibres of your carpet. As soon as you notice excess moisture on your carpet, make sure to clean and thoroughly dry the area. If possible, use a wet vacuum to suction all the liquid away. If you don't have one, paper towels will work in a pinch.

3. Don't remove stains yourself

You may think removing carpet stains yourself is a good way to save money, but hiring professional cleaners is always the best option. Many homeowners end up ruining their carpets further when trying to remove stains using DIY methods. Professionals, on the other hand, are trained to clean your carpet efficiently and effectively, leaving it looking as good as new. By hiring them, you're investing in the safety of your carpet as well as its longevity. Professional cleaners have access to better cleaning equipment, from specialist vacuums to steam cleaning machines, and they know which products are safe and non-toxic for home use. 

Reach out to carpet cleaning professionals to learn more.