Signs Your Carpet is Dirty and Needs Deep Cleaning

Carpets are among the most popular home flooring options today. Apart from being slip-resistant, a carpet warms your feet during the cold months. Furthermore, it reduces noise when walking around your home.

However, your carpet often acts more like an air filter. It traps pollen, dust, and other particles in your home. As a result, deep carpet cleaning or vacuuming is required from time to time. 

So, how do you know if your carpet needs a deep clean?

The Carpet Smells Bad

If you notice any strange odours coming from your carpet, it might be due to two reasons – either something is stuck within the fibres of your carpet, or there are dirt and dust particles trapped in it. A quick vacuum might not dislodge all the particles and debris.

Fortunately, getting it cleaned up professionally will make a big difference in how it smells. You'll be surprised by how much fresher it can smell when you get all that stuck-on debris removed. Plus, you won't have to worry about cleaning it every so often, especially if you're rarely at home.

You See Dark Lines Through the Fibers

When you run your hand across the carpet, do you notice any dark lines running through it? This is called tracking, which means that dirt has become embedded in your carpet over time. Like with the foul odours, these lines might not go away after a simple vacuum or a surface clean of your carpet.

The best way to get rid of these lines is with a deep clean. Your carpet cleaning expert can use specialized equipment to completely eliminate the tracking on your carpet with minimal inconvenience for you.

Pet Hair and Dander

If you have pets, you're probably all too familiar with the pet hair and dander that ends up all over your carpet. This can be a big problem as pet hair and dander can trigger allergies and other respiratory issues for you or your family members.

And because dander isn't easily visible, you might not know just how much of it you're exposed to. Consider a deep carpet clean to help get rid of dander and hairs from your pets.

The Carpet Is Matted Down

If your carpet is matted down, you might have a lot of dirt and dust on the surface, or the carpet fibres have started to break down. And while simple methods might solve this issue, you might not easily get rid of all the dirt trapped deep inside the fibres. High traffic areas of your home are more likely to have matted down sections, especially if you haven't had a deep clean in a while.

Thankfully, professional carpet cleaning experts can help revive your carpet and make it look (and feel) much better. Their proven deep cleaning methods might be just what your carpet needs. Contact a carpet cleaning service near you to learn more.