Kill The Bugs

If you're planning on moving into a new apartment that is in an old building, you may want to consider using a commercial cleaning company if you need to remove certain pests that can infest carpets and pantries. Whilst a commercial cleaning company will perform many tasks, there will be some things that they won't focus on, and they may not offer a pest removal package. This guide will provide you with a few tips that will help you to prepare the new home for the clean and establish whether the cleaning company will combat some of the issues old flats face with regards to bugs so that you can clean only once.

Before you hire a cleaning company, first see what packages they offer. Some will have different levels of packages that provide additional extras, such as carpet cleaning and sanitising. If you're moving into an older flat that has dated wooden fixtures, establishing whether they clean out pantry pests is something worth considering. Pantry pests are a selection of small beetles and bugs that are attracted to dry foods such as flour, cereals and sugar, to name a few. They are often found in older flats with wooden fixtures as these may not be sealed up effectively compared to modern kitchens. Ask them how they intend to clean the cupboards. With pantry pests, the best way is to vacuum up any crumbs, vacuum up any corners to remove any eggs or residue and then wipe the surfaces with soap water and a white vinegar and water mix. This will help to kill any bugs and deter them from coming into the cupboards. If they are prepared to clean this way or have their own commercial cleaner, great. If not, then maybe consider someone else, as you'll need to clean yourself afterward anyway.

Carpet Bugs

Some commercial cleaning companies may not clean carpets. If you have carpet bugs and need them to be removed during the clean, see if you can purchase deep carpet cleaning as an optional extra. Ask them how they plan to clean, as a simple carpet shampoo may not be appropriate. See if they are aware of boric acid and if they use it. It comes in the form of a white powder and is sprinkled liberally onto carpets to kill bugs, eggs and larvae. It can then be hoovered after it's sat for a while. Follow up with a deep carpet clean to remove any residue.

For more information, contact a commercial cleaning company.