Want Variety? Five Exciting Services Offered by the Cleaning Industry

If you are hiring a cleaning contractor for your home or business, you may just want someone to pop over and do a bit of hoovering and dusting. However, if you want something else, you can also find cleaning companies who provide a range of exciting extra services. Here are five of the diverse cleaning services you may find:

1. On-demand cleaning services

One of the hottest trends to hitting the cleaning industry lately is on-demand cleaning services. To enable on-demand services, the cleaning company gives the client a tablet or has the client download a special app onto his or her own tablet.

When the client needs to have something done, he or she simply hits his or her selection in the app, and a cleaning professional arrives forthwith. On-demand services can cover anything from basic cleaning to restocking the work fridge or taking care of immediate emergency bathroom clean-ups.

Depending on the company and their staff availability, you can schedule services for next month or for that very afternoon.

2. Costumed cleaners

Rather than sending over cleaners in boring work clothing, some cleaning contractors are getting creative. Clients can order cleaners in uniforms that match the client's professional vibe.

3.  Allergen-free cleaning products and services

If you, your employees or your family members have allergies, most cleaning contractors are willing to work around that. They may adjust their cleaning products to ensure they don't bring certain allergens into your home or office. In other cases, you can opt to work with a cleaning company specialising in environmentally safe, toxin-free cleaners.

4. Deep cleaning or seasonal cleaning

Even if you don't have cleaners on a regular basis, you can get them seasonally. Deep cleaners can handle anything from helping you purge and organise your closets to stripping and waxing your floors. They do wall washing, rug beating, carpet shampooing and anything else you only need done once in a while.

Similarly, these cleaners can also help with one-off jobs. They can clean homes or offices that have been foreclosed upon, or they can help with end-of-lease cleaning.

5. Disaster clean-up

If your home or office has experienced a disaster, professional cleaning contractors can help with mitigating dirt, damage and debris. Post-disaster cleaning professionals know how to deal with the effects of floods and fires, and their efforts can help you salvage your stuff.  

For more information, contact a local cleaning contractor.