Why a Homeowner Should Never Handle Their Own Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning a home's carpeting will not only remove dust and dirt that may be trapped in carpet fibres, but also this process helps to restore the nap of the carpet. Deep cleaning pulls up matted-down fibres, making them softer and thicker. Carpet cleaning can also restore the colour of carpets, making them look like new. However, while it may seem that you can manage this work yourself with a rented machine and some detergent, note a few reasons why a homeowner shouldn't handle their own carpet cleaning and should leave this work to a professional instead.


Renting a carpet cleaning machine and running it over the carpeting may not be enough to actually clean carpets, but scrubbing certain carpets with a harsh brush may damage their fibres. In some cases, your home's carpeting may actually require more than one type of machine, as some cotton carpets may need a strong rotating brush to reach deep-down dirt, whereas an area rug with tight loops may be best cleaned with steam alone.

Spots and stains may even need to be addressed separately, with a special cleanser and a rag to blot up the stain, as trying to scrub out those stains can actually push dirt deeper into carpet fibres. Scrubbing some stains may even spread them around and make them bigger! To ensure all the carpets in your home are properly cleaned without being damaged, leave the work to a professional.

Extensive heat

Hot water is needed during carpet cleaning to loosen dirt so that it can be extracted; however, extensive heat can actually damage the latex that is typically used on the underside of carpets and the adhesive that keeps carpet fibres in place. In turn, carpets may become loose in certain areas and may actually begin to bunch up or show folds and creases. Not only is this unsightly, but it can even cause a tripping hazard! A professional will know the right amount of heat and steam to use so that carpets are cleaned but not damaged.


Adding a deodorizing powder to carpets before or after they're cleaned can be a mistake. These powders can settle in the fibres and then harden and solidify from the steam and water used during cleaning. In turn, you may find that you soon have small chunks of this material stuck in the carpet fibres. A professional will know the right deodorizing product to use so that carpets smell fresh after cleaning, but without leaving behind any residue.