3 Reasons to Have Your Office Equipment Deep Cleaned

While your office cleaners keep your office clean and tidy, they may not spend much time on your equipment. They may give computers, phones and other pieces of electronic equipment a quick dust every now and then, but you haven't asked them to clean them specifically. It is, however, worth getting your cleaners to give your equipment a deeper clean every few months. Why? 1. Create a Healthier Work Environment [Read More]

The Best Cleaning Chemicals for Deep Cleaning an Oven

Finding the right cleaning supplies for each job is the best way to produce excellent results. One sanitary task that lots of people hate is deep cleaning an oven. As an area that sometimes suffers from neglect, it can amass grease and grime, making it difficult to tackle. But when you find the best cleaning chemicals for handling a dirty oven, you should find that the task becomes simple. Look for cleaners containing sodium silicate [Read More]

How to Avoid Issues When Cleaning Around Electronics

Every business owner understands the importance of keeping their workplace clean. They have to ensure that their everyday staff operate in a pleasant, safe and hygienic environment and they have to make sure that customers and visitors go away with a good impression. They also know how important it is to keep any bugs at bay, especially during flu season and realise that a dirty work environment can be a breeding ground for problems. [Read More]

Why a Homeowner Should Never Handle Their Own Carpet Cleaning

Deep cleaning a home's carpeting will not only remove dust and dirt that may be trapped in carpet fibres, but also this process helps to restore the nap of the carpet. Deep cleaning pulls up matted-down fibres, making them softer and thicker. Carpet cleaning can also restore the colour of carpets, making them look like new. However, while it may seem that you can manage this work yourself with a rented machine and some detergent, note a few reasons why a homeowner shouldn't handle their own carpet cleaning and should leave this work to a professional instead. [Read More]