3 Ways to Trim Costs for Your Small Cleaning Company

Operating a small cleaning company or cleaning houses independently can be very profitable, but only if you know how to manage your costs properly. Unfortunately many who are self-employed or who run a small company don't understand the cost savings opportunities available to them, and may not think of how their purchasing habits affect their overall profits. Note a few ways you can trim your costs for your small cleaning company.

1. Check your insurance rates

You may know to shop around for good auto insurance rates but have you shopped around recently for good insurance rates for yourself if you're self-employed? You may be obligated to have worker's compensation insurance along with liability insurance in case of property damage, and increasing your deductibles for these or lowering the coverage limits may save you money on your premiums.

Don't get too skimpy with your insurance in case you do need to make a claim in the future, but be sure to shop around every six months so you know you're with the cheapest company and aren't paying for insurance you don't need.

2. Investigate affordable marketing strategies

Ads in a newspaper, phone book, local radio, and TV stations may be more expensive than many online sites. Social media pages are also free, and you can place ads on many of those sites for much less money than an ad that runs on the radio or TV.

Business cards are good to have as you can leave these in people's doors or on the countertops of other local businesses; look for websites that offer cheap business card printing rather than having them printed at a local office supply store.

Ultimately, find out which marketing strategies are working for you, and which options could help you get more customers.

3. Note where you get your supplies

Getting your commercial cleaning supplies from a warehouse-style supermarket can help you save money, but even then there may be better options for savings. It pays to look for those same supplies online as you may find them at wholesale prices, or may find that buying in bulk from an online store saves you quite a bit on the price overall.

Shopping online at stores that specialise in commercial cleaning supplies can also mean finding supplies that might not otherwise be available to you, so you can offer more services or more options to your customers. This might include eco-friendly or organic materials, or services like carpet shampooing and floor polishing.